Owner of budding business wins Young Retailer award

Image courtesy of Roses Inc. Green Country

Karen Gardner is a 24-year-old entrepreneur and owner of Roses Inc. Green Country in Broken Arrow. Gardner recently received the 2014 Green Profit Young Retailer Award from Green Profit Magazine and AmericanHort, a rose industry support group. The magazine will have a cover article on the business in September.

Roses Inc. Green Country is a seven-acre nursery with more than 600 varieties of roses and a staff of eight who grow more than 4,000 potted roses each year. The company specializes in growing and selling roses, rose-garden maintenance and garden-landscape design. It also has a small retail space that carries gardening supplies, sundries and apparel.

The nursery’s 150-page, full-color catalog is in its second volume, and Gardner’s monthly newsletter delivers tips and information to about 2,000 subscribers. Roses Inc. Green Country also offers regularly scheduled classes that provide hands-on opportunities. Gardner is interested in helping to develop strong agritourism and rose tourism in Broken Arrow.

The business held its grand opening in May with the goals to give back to the community, continue expansion without compromising quality and focus on helping employees grow alongside the business. Wonder why she is the 2014 Young Retailer?


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