Sunset Veterinary Clinic grows business into new location

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Sunset Veterinary Clinic in Edmond has moved into a newer, bigger building this month – growing the practice in the process.

The new location is a freestanding building, larger than the veterinarian clinic’s previous site, with an exercise yard allowing furry customers room to run. The increased clinic size makes it possible to add more services for Oklahoma pets. It also means that the Sunset Vet team can see more pets, which means more jobs for Edmond.

Danel Grimmett, doctor of Veterinary Medicine and co-owner of Sunset Veterinary Clinic in Edmond, said being part of a growing business is a challenging but rewarding adventure.

Grimmett has been a part of the Sunset Vet team since May 2009 when she was brought on as a one-day-a-week relief veterinarian. In July 2012, she purchased 50 percent of the clinic from Sunset Vet founder Tim Kennemer.

Being an owner means that Grimmett is responsible for overseeing everything happening at Sunset Vet; stress comes with the job, but she appreciates the security.

“There is a security in this which I had never experienced before. I cannot be terminated because of an owner’s decision,” she said. “The success or failure of the business is dependent on my decisions. … Self-determination is a great responsibility, but very liberating and I enjoy the challenge.”

On top of being a small business owner, Grimmett is also a mother of two young girls (Willow and Coral), four dogs (Emmy Lou, Carlos, Harry “Potter”, and Patu), two cats (Midnight and Biscuit), and nine chickens. Balancing work and family life is “crazy at times” – something that many women entrepreneurs can attest to, but Grimmett said she finds the experience rewarding.

“I love being able to be a role model for my daughters,” she said. “I hope that having a mother who owns a small business will empower my girls to believe they can do anything,” she said.

The new location is at 2017 N. Kelly Avenue in Edmond. To keep up with the latest business developments at Sunset Veterinary Clinic, read their blog.

(Editors note: October is Women in Business month, and JustGoodNew.BIZ is highlighting a few of the country’s female entrepreneurs.)

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