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Oklahoma City’s Agric-Bioformatics’ cloud based software decodes livestock genomic data

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Agric-Bioformatics LLC is an emerging Oklahoma agriculture company primed to use bioformatics and genetic testing to help cattle producers improve the performance of their livestock. Sean Akadiri, founder and CEO of Agric-Bioformatics, is revolutionizing the livestock industry through development of an easy-to-use platform for small and large producers of cattle.

After a few years working in the bio-technology industry in Oklahoma City, Sean decided it was time to make a difference on his own — recognizing the usefulness his knowledge of genomics could provide to the agriculture sector, he sought to find a way to apply this to daily routine for small and large producers of livestock. Sean launched Agric-Bioformatics in 2013 with the goal to help create an environment where small and large livestock producers have easy, affordable access to detailed, user-friendly genetic information that can be referenced for daily herd management.

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SOURCE: i2e, BIO Edition Spring 2015

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