JustGOODNews.BIZ: An Archive of American Achievement launches GoFundMe

OKLAHOMA CITY — America is blessed with great people who make quality products. We turn ideas into jobs and paychecks, opportunities for American families and innovation our country can grow on.

At JustGOODNews.BIZ (JGN), we’re inspired by these growing companies and their successes. We have recently launched a GoFundMe to continue bringing good news to people across the nation.

As our nation’s only GOOD economic news service, JGN strips away the clutter to deliver positive business stories and opportunities – State-by-state. Sector-by-sector. Free-of-charge.

JGN distills the best content into an archive of American achievement, including:

Business intelligence – expanding, innovative companies and business connections. Who’s hiring – so job seekers and employers can connect.

Competitive communities ready for growth — and how they’re making it happen.

Start-up ventures and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas.

Emerging markets and investment insights. Learn who’s leading the charge.

Groundbreaking workforce and education ventures, training talented workers for today and beyond.

Relocation information – Moving? Find job opportunities and resources for your family, your future.

Fresh Perspective — While bad news is inevitable, encouraging news is everywhere.  We help you find it.

It’s News to Enthuse people use in their businesses, on their jobs and to guide them in important life decisions. JGN readers are entrepreneurs, small business owners, job seekers, CEO’s, investors, economic developers, site locators – plus people who just want positive news for a change.

And it’s shared with us by people who make it happen, from companies, economic development and chamber groups, workforce programs and from the best headlines across the country.

Officially launched as a fulltime company in January, 2015, today our robust site features more than 21,000 GOOD business stories. Using and sharing your GOOD News is free . It’s brought to you by champion companies and communities that believe in the American Dream. At JGN, their brands are ALWAYS connected to GOOD News!

Who is JGN?

JustGOODNews.BIZ was created as an antidote to the national media’s often negative coverage of business news during the 2008-2009 recession.

Dick Rush and his wife, Kris, worked for the State Chamber of Oklahoma. As they gave speeches to local business groups and service clubs, they were struck by the difference in what national news media reported about business at the time and what they saw with their own eyes.

“We watched so many Oklahoma business leaders navigate the treacherous waters, revamp their businesses processes and collaborate with other companies in new ways,” Kris Rush said.  “They worked hard to hold on to their workers while still investing in their communities, volunteering and contributing with little fanfare or recognition.

“Their stories almost never made the news.  Bernie Madoff, big corporate layoffs and other disheartening stories stole the spotlight.”

As a result, Kris and Dick started JustGOODNews.BIZ, a national online news service highlighting positive business stories and opportunities, state-by-state, sector-by-sector, free-of charge.

Launched in 2013 as a part-time content creation venture, JGN became a full-time news company Jan. 1, 2015. A comprehensive news site gives companies and communities of every size a national platform to share accomplishments and success.

What Are We Raising Money For?

“It’s News To Enthuse!”

If you have ever had to look for a job, and most all of us have, you know how tedious and tiring it can be. Every job posting, on every job site, looks exactly the same!

Not anymore!

JGN is launching an exciting new endeavor to provide perspective on small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, and anyone else looking for top talent in the human resource marketplace.

With the creation of “JGN Workforce Solutions” companies can promote more than the typical job board post. Through engaging content written by our experienced editorial staff, businesses of any size will have the platform and opportunity to tell potential job candidates what it’s like to work with their company, how the business is engaged in the community, what types of opportunities exist outside of work, and most importantly, what is in it for the candidate’s family!

Through this unique journalistic approach to staffing top talent, JGN will work directly with businesses, chambers of commerce, and economic developers across the U.S. to help locate and attract the best possible people for their job openings.

What Will JGN Do With This Money?

Glad you asked! The short answer is that a website as robust and abundant with positive economic news as ours isnt’ cheap to maintain or promote.

We need more resources and we plan to use funds rasied from this campaign to promote our new service, refine our content platform to be more efficient and effective (think Artificial Intelligence so our writers can write instead of re-writing) and very soon, begin contracting with staffing professionals to take this service to market.

This is just a few of the items we hope to address with the funds raised here. Of course, you can help us even more by contributing and promoting JustGOODNews yourself! Like our posts, tweet us, etc.


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